RIGENERA OF SMARTJETTM is the most technologically advanced system for the regeneration of print heads, avoiding their replacement with obvious savings in terms of costs and maintenance.


Heads are key elements in ensuring the quality of the printing process in industrial inkjet printers. Often these components experience malfunctions due to clogged nozzles and internal ducts that directly affect print quality and therefore require replacement of the component.

Having an advanced print head regeneration system allows companies using digital inkjet printers to recover most of the clogged heads and thus avoid buying new ones with obvious savings in maintenance costs.

Since 2016 RIGENERATM has been working incessantly to regenerate heads dedicated to digital printing. After a careful and substantial revision, it now presents a completely new model based on a 2-in-1 system that carries out washing and subsequent printing test, providing the operator with all the tools to evaluate the actual restoration of the print capacity of the heads themselves.

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A double solution, the same quality 

Today, companies and service centres can choose between RIGENERATM with double module, called RIGENERA DUO and the machine equipped with single module, RIGENERA MONO. 

  • RIGENERA DUO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The double module configuration provides a highly productive solution and allows the user to clean up to four heads simultaneously.
  • RIGENERATM MONO: The single module configuration provides maximum cleaning capability on two heads that can be cleaned simultaneously and tested on one head at a time. 
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A complete 2-in-1 System

RIGENERATM is a 2-in-1 complete head regeneration system, where washing is integrated with the print test module. In this way it is possible to test and wash the head and to wash it again in case of partial success of the print test without having to disconnect the electrical and hydraulic connections. 

State-of-the-art testing

RIGENERATM allows to perform different types of tests and is able to print a test pattern that allows operators to evaluate in a rigorous way the operation of each nozzle of the head. It is also possible to perform tests with customised graphics loaded directly by the operator on board the machine.

New software, very simple and easy for the regeneration process 

The recent redesign has equipped RIGENERATM with a new and more complete software. The 17″ touch screen together with a new software allows the operator to manage the cleaning and testing activities in a more intuitive way. In addition, the large touch screen makes it easy to monitor operating data in real time during the entire head washing cycle. 

Perfect cleaning in three steps

The RIGENERA system is unrivalled because it uses three different cleaning steps and guarantees superior washing effectiveness.

  • Direct cleaning with solvent: the solvent is pumped into the head to clear internal ducts and nozzles of any obstruction. 
  • Ultrasound tank: the head is immersed in a solvent tank on which ultrasound acts, so that any obstruction in the printing nozzles will dissolve. 
  • Nozzle operation during the washing phase: the electronics allow the nozzles to be operated during the washing step, even together with ultrasounds. Moreover, thanks to the electronically controlled double pump system, RIGENERATM is able to carry out a backwash step allowing to detach even the most difficult obstructions.

Long cleaning cycles without interruptions 

RIGENERA uses an active solvent temperature management system that allows the user to carry out potentially very long cleaning cycles without interruptions and maintaining maximum cleaning effectiveness. In addition, the solvent cooling system prevents head damage due to solvent over-temperatures. 

The first ultrasound system in sealed chambers 

RIGENERA uses a washing system in sealed chambers, reducing solvent consumption to a minimum and limiting the spread of unpleasant odours into the environment.

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Maximum compatibility, Today and Tomorrow

RIGENERATM is compatible with all the main heads on the market because it uses a specific adapter module that includes a hydraulic part and the dedicated electronics to drive the heads during the washing and printing steps. With the release of new heads or new models, it will be sufficient to purchase the module for the new head: the RIGENERATM solution is thus future-proof.              

A system designed to last over time

RIGENERATM is built with high quality materials. The structure is entirely made of stainless steel and anodised aluminium, while the electrical system is made with SIEMENS PLC. The entire system has been designed to last over time and to be easily maintained by medium-qualified personnel, reducing operating costs as much as possible.