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Digital Printing on Envelopes and Shipping Boxes

Thanks to the recent and consistent growth of e-commerce channels observed in recent years, there has been a significant increase in the demand for packaging and envelopes for transporting small objects and documents in sustainable materials such as paper and cardboard. This, together with the growing demand for customised packaging, reveals an important business opportunity for all those companies involved in the light packaging sector.

SMARTJET digital packaging printers are a concrete tool for expanding and retaining your customer base by providing an innovative small batch customisation service on a wide variety of materials: letter envelopes, padded mailing bags and lightweight folding carton packaging.

How SMARTJET solutions help you grow

Full-colour printing with no minimum quantity

Differentiate yourself from the competition with a customisation service with no minimum lot size, full-colour printing at competitive prices and high profit margins.

Enter new markets

Offer customisation on a wide variety of products and diversify your customer base. Thanks to FLEX you can now also customise Wooden Packaging, Catering Disposables, Take Away, Industrial Packaging, Paper, E-

Commerce Boxes and Office Supplies.

Ultra-fast deliveries

Impress your customers with incredibly short delivery times thanks to the outstanding productivity of SMARTJET single-pass inkjet digital printers

Cost-effective colour printing

Make use of the potential of four-colour printing by unleashing your creativity and build customer loyalty. Thanks to digital technology, you can print in colour at reduced costs and with no tooling costs.

No Printing Equipment

Forget about clichés and screens! With FLEX printers, you can print stunning full-colour graphics without any printing equipment.

Reduce your stock

Internalise your printing service and thus eliminate stockpiles of printed product. By doing so, you will only stock plain products and print on demand.

Tailored to your needs

Recommended Printing Solutions

Flex 297



Flex 324

Flex UV

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