Digital inkjet printer for large format packaging

FLEX WIDE is the large-format digital printer designed for the customisation of large packaging. Thanks to its features you can digitally print sheets up to 1.2m wide in a single pass. This makes FLEX WIDE the perfect solution to customise cardboard, corrugated board and uncoated wood packaging in small to medium runs.

The print speed of the innovative MEMJET print engine provides outstanding hourly results whilst printing a wide range of materials and products.

up to 46 mt/min

Up to 1600dpi

up to 640mm


Up to 150 mm

Feeding and Unloading

Direct-to-sheet digital printing

FLEX WIDE allows small packaging batches to be customised by printing directly onto the blank sheet or die-cut sheet. The large conveyor belt can feed sheets up to 1.2m wide and can accommodate products up to 150mm thick.

Box factory

Paper Converting

Digital Printers

Industrial Companies

Logistics Companies

Graphic Industries

How FLEX can help you grow

Customise in small batches

Retain your customers and attract new ones with a small batch printing service at extremely competitive prices and high profit margins.

Enter new markets

Offer customisation on a wide variety of products: paper carrier bags, disposable catering products, take-away food packaging, industrial packaging, paper, shipping boxes and envelopes, and office products.

Ultra-fast deliveries

Set up your printer in minutes and start producing. Take full advantage of the speed of single-pass printing and fulfil your order in minutes!

Cost-effective colour printing

Make use of the potential of four-colour printing by unleashing your creativity and build customer loyalty.

Thanks to digital technology, you can print in colour at reduced costs and with no tooling costs.

No Printing Equipment

Forget about clichés and screens! With FLEX printers, you can print stunning full-colour graphics without any printing equipment.

Reduce your stock

Internalise your printing service and thus eliminate stockpiles of printed product. By doing so, you will only stock plain products and print on demand.









INTEGRA is the software designed to support you in the daily use of FLEX solutions so to achieve maximum operational performance.

• Integrated RIP: load jobs and start printing from the on-board 32′ touchscreen interface

• SJ WORKFLOW: Set the individual print job and build your print queue

• SJ ANALYTICS: read your operational data intuitively and immediately

• WEB CONNECTOR: integrate the printer with your information system

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