The fast, high-resolution single-pass inkjet printing solution

FLEX is the innovative, professional, high-productivity single-pass printing system with the latest generation of inkjet technology. The system is designed for printing on paper and cardboard articles for the packaging sector.

FLEX allows four-colour printing in very high resolution on absorbent surfaces such as: 

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Timber

Designed for 24/7 operation, FLEX is easy to install and allows printing up to 1600 dpi and at speeds up to 18 m/min.



High productivity

  • Double printing speed: 9 m/min or 18 m/min.
  • No ink setup phase.
  • Image centring on the product to be printed, adjustable from the machine.Reduced operating costs
  • Quick change of printing heads to minimize downtime.
  • High capacity colour tanks (2 l) for maximum operation up-time.
  • Printing system designed for high volumes and intensive use 24/7

Intuitive and easy to use software.

Print activity analysis module for constant monitoring of time and cost per copy.
Intuitive and easy to use 15.5” touch screen interface.
Possibility of remote system diagnostics

Extreme flexibility of use

  • Possibility of printing on a variety of absorbing surfaces without the need for adapting inks.
  • Variable printing area up to:
  • Width: 223 mm
  • Length: 1525 mm
  • Height-adjustable transport structure for printing on objects up to 250 mm thick.
    Water-based ink with quick drying and high resistance over time

High print quality

  • Print resolution up to 1600 dpi for maximum image definition.
  • High-precision transport system configurable in different sizes for best suiting to customer requirements.
  • Water-based ink with quick drying and high resistance over time