The SMARTJET division focused on consultancy and testing in the industrial printing sector using inkjet technology.

We can assist you in various ways:

  • Consultancy and training on inkjet technology
  • Advanced testing and laboratory analysis
  • Print setup

The Company

Your Partner in Inkjet Printing

SMARTJET is totally focused on the inkjet printing sector.
We are able to offer market leading products to help digitise your printing process: high-performance industrial printers, internal laboratory for process fine tuning, cleaning system for industrial inkjet printheads

All our products are designed and manufactured at our plant in Modena, Italy, where the SMARTJET Team aims to combine the best of existing technology with innovative ideas to fully satisfy specific customer requirements.

Single-Pass Inkjet

The perfect combination of productivity and production flexibility

Thanks to recent innovations, single-pass inkjet technology is increasingly being used in the decoration of a growing number of applications.

Many industries are attracted to this technology by its undisputed advantages:

  • Exceptional print productivity
  • Elimination of printing plants
  • Elimination of machine setup costs and times
  • Reduced time to market
  • High production efficiency even for small print runs