The most advanced inkjet printhead cleaning system on the market

RIGENERA+ is the most technologically advanced piezoelectric DoD printhead cleaning system on the market. Whilst guaranteeing the maximum efficiency of the printing system, the machine remarkably extends the operating life of the printheads with significant savings in terms of purchase costs of spare parts and CoPQ of the finished product.

up to 4 heads

& Clean





Maximum operational efficiency

RIGENERA+ introduces INTEGRA, the innovative management software that redefines on-board user experience. In addition to further optimising the cleaning process to make it faster and more efficient, important new features are introduced to expand RIGENERA’s performance in terms of head recovery effectiveness, process efficiency and active system monitoring of the operator.

How RIGENERA can help you grow

Maximum printhead refurbishment efficiency

Significantly reduce the cost of printheads and cut the cost of non-quality claims arising from nozzle clogging.


High productivity

Reduce remanufacturing times for individual printers and perform preventive cleaning cycles for large format printers thanks to the ability to clean 4 heads simultaneously.

Unrivalled efficiency

Complete the washing and testing cycle without ever disconnecting the heads. Plus, you can connect the RIGENERA+ to your company’s information system for extremely fast and efficient information flows.

Simple to use

Create and launch individual jobs extremely quickly and intuitively thanks to the new INTEGRA interface and the new 24′ touchscreen.

Reliability and Durability

By using high-quality industrial components and highly durable materials, RIGENERA minimises downtime for maximum operational stability.

Fully automatic cleaning cycle

The complete programmability of cleaning cycles and the automatic management of cleaning tasks allow the entire process to be carried out with very low human supervision.

Active monitoring of operational data

View RIGENERA+ operating data and check the system status remotely in real time with MySMARTJET App.

System Configurability

Configure the system that best suits your needs and integrate up to three modules into one system. For each, you can choose PRINT&CLEAN or CLEAN-only functionality.



INTEGRA is the innovative software designed to assist you in the daily use of RIGENERA solutions so to achieve maximum operational performance.

• SJ WORKFLOW: structure your process efficiently

• SJ ANALYTICS Read your operational data quickly and intuitively

• MySMARTJET: Use the web-based functionalities of the SMARTJET platform, both from desktop and


• WEB CONNECTOR: integrate the printer to your e-commerce or corporate ERP


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