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In industrial inkjet printers, the printheads are the key element which guarantees the quality of the printing process.

Often, both environmental conditions and the condition of the print stock lead to malfunctions in these key components due to blockage of the nozzles, with a direct impact on print quality. This then requires the operator to replace them with a new part.

Product Overview


RIGENERA was created with the goal of providing companies with a printhead regeneration system able to overhaul the majority of parts which have malfunctioned due to nozzle blockages

The system incorporates the most advanced technology for inkjet print head cleaning, offering significant advantages:

  • Maximum effectiveness of print head cleaning
  • Significant reduction in number of printheads replaced and corresponding purchase costs
  • Preventive maintenance of printheads to ensure maximum print quality is achieved at all times
  • Integration of the cleaning system with the printhead testing module
  • Flexibility of use thanks to the two completely independent modules
  • Ease of use thanks to an intuitive HMI with 23” touchscreen

Simultaneous cleaning actions

4 print heads
Can be washed simultaneously

Independent modules

Performance without compromises

Printhead cleaning

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Perfect cleaning with 3 cleaning actions
The effectiveness of the printhead cleaning is provided through three different cleaning actions: Direct cleaning, ultrasonic bath and nozzle activation

The first sealed-chamber ultrasound system
RIGENERA uses a sealed-chamber washing system, minimising solvent consumption and limiting the spread of unpleasant odours within the work environment.

2 print heads
Can be tested simultaneously

Customised Pattern
Head nozzle analysis

Head control

Advanced testing function

Testing System

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Printing of a custom pattern
The operator is able to thoroughly assess the operation of each individual nozzle through a customisable pattern printout.

Waterfall function
This specific function allows the operator to observe the jet of solvent coming out of the printhead and thus assess the level of blockage of the head before and after cleaning

The 2-in-1 regeneration system

Flexibility of Use

Test, clean and test again
The integration of the cleaning system with the print head testing system allows the operator to check the condition of the incoming printhead, perform regeneration on it and then retest it to check that the process has been successful. All without wasting time connecting the printhead.

Maximum compatibility, now and in the future
The system is compatible with all the main print heads on the market thanks to specific adapter modules. This ensures that RIGENERA will be updatable with future printhead models.

Electrical system

Stainless steel
Machine structure

Anodised aluminium

Designed for industry


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A system designed to last
RIGENERA is built with high-quality materials suitable for intensive use in industrial environments. The structure is made entirely from stainless steel and anodised aluminium, while the electrical system uses a SIEMENS PLC.

Long, interruption-free cleaning cycles
The active solvent temperature management system allows RIGENERA to support interruption-free cleaning cycles even of great length, and prevent print-head damage due to the increase in temperature of the solvent during the cleaning cycle.

Advanced HMI

User Interface

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Easy to use
The new user interface combined with 23” touchscreen allows the operator to manage cleaning and testing operations in an extremely fast and intuitive manner.

Saving of recipes
During planning of the cleaning activities, the operator can now bring up any cleaning cycle saved to the system.

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