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As part of a project to develop high-performance industrial printing solutions, we are able to support our customers with high-level laboratory service for the development of special printing solutions, fully customised according to the requirements of each specific project.

Thanks to the skills acquired over the years and the equipment available, our SMARTLAB team can carry out all laboratory work in-house for the design of printing systems for special projects.


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Print configuration

Once the customer’s printing requirements have been analysed, our laboratory will carry out the laboratory is able to carry out in-house all the tests on products and materials to be printed, so to define the best printing configuration of the system and to meet the customer’s requirements in terms of print quality, adhesion, chemical and mechanical resistance. At the end of the activity, the following are then specified:

  • Inks used

  • Substrate Pre-Treatment Systems

  • Colour channels: type and number

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Waveform Development and Optimisation

In order to achieve maximum print performance, each special PERFORMA project requires specific settings and adjustments. Among these, the design of waveforms tailored to the specific application and printhead is a key element having great impact on system performance in terms of print quality.

Thanks to our expertise in custom press design and the availability of the best laboratory equipment, SMARTLAB can independently develop specific waveforms to maximise the printing performance of each special project.

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Colour Management

The Colour Management System (CMS) is a fundamental element of any industrial digital printing system.

Thanks to our SMARTLAB team, with every PERFORMA project we are able to guarantee maximum colour uniformity and compliance with the customer’s decorative requirements by optimising the colour management system.

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