DoD Piezo Industrial Inkjet Printers

PERFORMA is the innovative SMARTJET line of industrial printers featuring single-pass inkjet technology with piezo drop-on-demand printheads. Designed for digitising printing processes in industrial environments, these solutions are engineered for maximum performance in terms of productivity, reliability and print quality.

The use of low-migration UV LED inks enables PERFORMA printers to achieve excellent adhesion on a variety of non-absorbent substrates.



Define the characteristics of the printing system according to your specific needs in terms of print quality, adhesion, print resistance and hourly productivity.


Industrial platform

The innovative PERFORMA platform and the integration of the best industrial components guarantee maximum operational reliability.

Printing performance

Achieve maximum print quality while maintaining your daily productivity target.

Colour Management System

Optimise your printing process with the Colour Management System integrated in PERFORMA printing solutions.

Integrated automation

Integrate your printer with automatic feeding and unloading systems to achieve maximum productivity and operational efficiency.

Tailored to your project

Based on the analysis of your specific printing requirements, we can configure the system to achieve the best printing performance in terms of quality, adhesion, and print resistance on your specific application.





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