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Recent innovations mean inkjet technology is increasingly being used in the decoration of a growing number of applications. Many industries are attracted to this technology by its undisputed advantages:

  • Efficient production, even for small print runs
  • High productivity and short payback period
  • Elimination of machine setup costs and times
  • Elimination of printing plants
  • Reduction in time-to-market

An industrial printing system


PERFORMA is the innovative platform designed for the development of single-pass industrial inkjet printers, which can be fully customised to specific requirements

The configurability of the system allows the compromises imposed by standard solutions to be overcome, providing significant advantages:

  • Performance in terms of print quality and productivity
  • Adaptation to customer requirements
  • Efficiency of investments
  • Reliability for 24/7 operation
  • Dedicated technical support

The performance you are looking for, without compromises


Maximum print quality and productivity
The SMARTJET technical team is able to configure the precise system required by the customer, drawing on the best inkjet technology available internationally.

Tailor-made performance to fit your needs
The complete configurability of the print module allows customers to obtain exactly what they need. Nothing more, nothing less.

The platform for your special project


PERFORMA is the ideal development platform for designing inkjet printers for new applications. All the main components can be configured:

  • Print module
  • Specific ink-set
  • Colour configuration
  • Pre-treatment system
  • Final curing system
  • Software
  • Transport

An industrial-class system


Built with the best European components, PERFORMA is a print system designed for maximum performance stability over time and minimal downtime in order to ensure maximum productivity 24/7.

Dedicated support for maximum uptime


SJ CARE is the support package designed for all PERFORMA solutions in order to always guarantee maximum system productivity through scheduled maintenance and timely work procedures, both on-site and remotely, performed by a dedicated technical team.


The development process

User needs analysis
Productivity, Aesthetic print characteristics, Chemical-physical print characteristics, Print substrate type, Printing width


Substrate analysis and ink research
On the basis of the customer’s requirements, we look for an ink-set which is able to achieve the specified quality and adhesion performance.

Sampling and assessment of print results
Once an ink-set has been found which is suitable for the application specified by the customer, we proceed with sampling of the physical media to verify that the expected print results have actually been achieved

Print configuration definition
Based on the results from the tests performed on the samples, the laboratory defines the best print configuration

Design and creation of the print system
The SMARTJET technical team proceeds with design and construction of the print system.

Print system setup activities
All the activities required to commission the printer are performed:
Waveforms development, Ink calibration, Colour profiling, RIPs and integration of specific software


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